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Agile project management – FAQ

Agile project management is a very industry specific term and as a result not too many people are familiar with the term agile project management.
So let’s have a definition. Basically agile project management is just a different way of managing IT teams and development, the term agile originating from the ‘agile manifesto’ where in 2001 a group of individuals got together to discuss the future of management software development and their unhappiness with the current culture. Click here to learn more. From here the ‘agile manifesto’ came up with four values for agile project management that are still used today, which are:

Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
Working software over comprehensive documentation
Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
Responding to change over following a plan
However, this doesn’t fully explain the terminology and methodology of agile project management so here are a few of the frequently asked questions and their answers when it comes to agile project management.
How are agile projects managed?
So as we have surmised agile project management is just a more efficient way and less traditional way of managing and developing IT software, teams and everything else that IT covers, but how do they do it? Firstly a project is split up into three roles – product owner, ScrumMaster and team and each has their own responsibilities. A product owner must ensure that the business aspects of the project are going to plan and this means making sure the right product is being built, and in the right order. Certain characteristics that make a good product owner with agile product management are:
Balancing priorities
Always being available to the team and;
Being empowered to make decisions about the project and product
The ScrumMaster is the coach of the project and makes sure team members work well together in the most efficient way possible, providing service to the team, facilitating meetings and discussions and tracking progress and issues.
The team assumes the agile project management roles and decides which members would be best for which jobs and why and which practices are required to achieve their goals and targets.
What is agile about this? The dividing of responsibility amongst the team.

What is EEO Induction Training?

A lot of companies nowadays use induction training to prepare new employees. The training is meant to ensure that new workers are thoroughly prepared to efficiently fulfill their job responsibilities. Induction training is meant for all new workers, even those who had worked for other companies before. They will need this training to help them familiarize with their new place of work. It has been proven that employees who have received induction training are more productive than employees who have not.

There are lots of things that new employees will need to be taught when hired for the first time. For example, they will need to learn more about their roles in the company terms and conditions of the workplace, emergency procedures, organizational chain of command, and so on. All these details can be adequately and comprehensively covered through EEO induction training. Any employee in an organization can benefit from this type of training. Employees that are expected to hold higher positions such as managers and CEOs usually requires higher levels of training than junior employees.
Induction training is essential to keep the employee comfortable and composed. It can help a new worker understand the basics of his or her new role in the organization. The company will take the time to make sure the new employee is well-trained as far his or her new job is concerned.
It is the responsibility of employers to ensure that all employees have a safe workplace. Induction training can help them learn more about how to keep safe while discharging their duties. The training is usually provided by human trainers.
Aside from this, there is another crucial process referred to as pre employment criminal background checks. This helps employers to make informed decisions when hiring new employees. The employer will need to learn more about the past life of the employee before hiring him or her. However, this ought to be done with utmost caution so as not to. It is worth remembering that everyone has right to privacy. There are certain sensitive personal details that an employee may decline to give. Criminal checks are meant to help recruiters make informed decisions.
An employment criminal background check requires all job candidates to provide genuine information about themselves during the interview. Providing misleading information to an organization may not be accepted. And one may be declined a chance to work for that particular organization. There are many jobs that require applicants that have no criminal records, such as teachers, babysitters and the like.
An employment criminal background check is essential if the job candidate will be handling sensitive information or business secrets. Scrutinizing the past criminal record of a potential employee will give an employer a sense of comfort and security. It goes without saying that everyone wants to hire employees that can be trusted with the secrets of the company. And the only way to ensure that is to thoroughly examine their criminal background and instant national police checks. Applicants who might have something to hide are likely to pull out.